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Ben Johnson

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Clueless about keyless?

According to a recent Which? report (1) “the German General Automobile Club (ADAC) tested 237 keyless cars (2) (models that unlock and start automatically when the key is close by) and found that thieves can easily trick (3) 230 of them into thinking that the key is closer than it really is, enabling them to unlock and start the car.…
Ben Johnson
May 23, 2019
cctv Blog

Simple steps to a more secure home

It’s surprising how often people forget to lock doors and windows when they go out. Even if you’re just in the garden – lock up the house. Make sure all your keys are out of sight – don’t leave them visible or within reach of a letterbox. Consider installing a visible burglar alarm and outside lights. Secure your bikes –…
Ben Johnson
May 16, 2019