Common Home Security Mistakes

By September 27, 2021 Locksmith Blog
Common Home Security Mistakes

When owning or renting your own home, home security becomes top of the list to ensure you can feel safe and ultimately comfortable within your own home. Unfortunately, thieves still operate, so here we will list some of the obvious and maybe less obvious common home security mistakes:

Leaving doors unlocked – It is said that around 34% of thieves enter a property through the front door, and 32% of them are through an unlocked door! It is the most obvious home security tip to lock your doors before you leave but you’ll be surprised the number of times it is forgotten, maybe by someone in a rush for the commute to work, or a parent battling the kids in the car for the school run. It’s so easy done but also the riskiest. So, if there is ever a piece of advice to take away, please lock your doors!

Leaving windows unlocked – Another obvious point but also easily forgotten. Even second-story windows can entice an intruder so it is highly important that all windows are shut and secured if the house is being left empty, even for a short space of time.

Hiding a spare key outside – We’ve all done it or considered it for some situation, but it is NEVER a good idea to do this, even if you believe the hiding spot could never be found. Intruders know where to look even in the most inventive areas.

Privacy gates and fences – although of course these are important and to a good degree keep your property secure, too much privacy only puts more ‘blind spots’ in your property, which enables intruders to enter or move around your property grounds unseen.

Leaving a Ladder outside – Leaving a ladder in your back garden or in an unlocked shed just provides an intruder with the easy tools it needs to reach a first-floor window or a terrace.

Visible valuables – Windows create a two-way portal, if you can see outside, it is likely outsiders can see in. Putting valuables in a position that is clearly visible from the outside or from the front door, creates an advertisement to what is available in your home. Whilst it is not always avoidable to hide valuables away such as TV’s and larger items, it is recommended closing blinds or curtains, especially when leaving the home empty.

Alarm Systems – These are wonderful tools, and many homes have them installed as standard, however, the positioning of these alarms are just as important as the alarm itself. It is advised to never have the control panel in an easy line of site from a clear window or door, this way potential thieves can peer in and see if the system is activated or not.

Assuming it is safe in the day-time – According to a survey in 2016, the most common time for burglaries was between noon and 4pm – this is usually when people are at work and children are at school. So, it is important that home security isn’t slacked in the daytime on the assumption that the highest risk is in the night.

Not Replacing damaged doors and windows – Windows or doors that are slightly unhinged and have cracks in them or they can be opened easily when some force is applied is important to be repaired or replaced. These are the main entry points for thieves and if they are not fit for purpose, you may as well leave it unlocked. Regular checking of your windows and doors would not go amiss to ensure they are functioning as they should be.

Home security should be a top priority and Key Access Locksmith hopes that the above mistakes can be kept in mind to avoid you falling for any and ensure you can protect your home in the best way possible.