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Home Security System & CCTV Installation, Manchester

Here at Key Access Locksmiths, we are invested in giving you peace of mind when it comes to your home. As one of the leading home security firms in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas, we offer a range of home security services that will give you the security you want for when you are in your home or away from. 

We are able to offer a bespoke service to you, catered around what you need for a home security system, that includes setting you up with the right CCTV system, be that a one, two or multiple camera set up and with the option of outdoor and indoor cameras. We make sure that you have a home alarm system, that allows you to have peace of mind about your home and we can offer different types of access control, to suit your needs.

As experienced CCTV installers in Manchester, and having serviced both domestic and commercial clients, we always provide the highest level of satisfaction of the work we do.

We are also on hand to help you with any issue you encounter, whether that’s installation, maintenance, or inquiring about our other services, we’re here to help you.


What is CCTV?

CCTV is an acronym for Closed-Circuit Television, and in short is a video surveillance system that uses video cameras to transmit video back to a specific place, be that monitors, a hard drive, or your mobile device. In all it is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your home even when you are not there.

What type of Home Security System or CCTV do I need?

We can offer you a full camera security solution, giving you a full view of your house remotely. Our team of CCTV installers are well versed in the different home CCTV systems and are able to effectively install full home security systems for you as well as getting you set up with the tools to use it.

Why do I need a CCTV System?

When relaxing at home, or at your place of work, we all want peace of mind knowing that our family and home is safe and protected. As well as the obvious of helping to secure our properties from vandalism and theft, there are many other reasons why you may want to invest in a new, or your first home security and CCTV system.

  1. Deterrent – Having a CCTV system will make your home more secure and put potential criminals off targeting your property. 
  2. Peace of Mind – Having a CCTV system will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your home is guarded, even when you are away.
  3. Evidence – If you are ever unfortunate enough to have your property targeted then CCTV is a great way to gather evidence which can then be passed over to law enforcement. This is also great for home delivery disputes or neighbour disputes.
  4. Reduced Home Insurance Rates – Insurers are delighted to see that you have CCTV on your property as we mentioned before this acts as a deterrent, therefore your insurance premium is likely to go down. 
  5. Cost-Effective – A CCTV system is a cost-effective way to secure your home. Mobile security agencies can only monitor your house for a short space of time, where as a CCTV system will always be on.

Can I Install my own CCTV? 

You can set up your own home CCTV system, but here at Key Access Locksmith we have a team of experts ready to deal with your CCTV installation smoothly and efficiently.

All our CCTV installers are Corgi and City & Guilds accredited and we have a public liability upwards of £1 million, with an average rating of 10/10 on Check-a-trade you know you are in safe hands!

What brands of CCTV Systems do you stock?

Here at Key Access Locksmiths & Security we specialise in the following makes of CCTV cameras because they are, in our opinion, the best on the market at present:

Hikvision CCTV Cameras

MAXX One CCTV Cameras

What other Home Security products do you offer?

Combined with a full CCTV camera set up we have plenty of other home security solutions for you which can be used in conjunction with CCTV, depending on what your needs are. We have a range of Ring doorbells, with features like motion detection and remote answering, these can be hardwired into your mains or come with a rechargeable battery. The Ring cameras also offer HD 1080p video quality for the best capture quality. We can also provide you with home alarms from some of favourite brands, HIKVISION, MAXX One, Pyronix, Texecom and AJAX, all of which get our full backing for the quality they offer.

We also offer Access Control, ideal for those of you who have secure electric gating. Our access control systems include intercom systems, both video and audio based, with keys and fobs for entry. You can also choose to have your access control wireless or wired in, depending on your preference. Our expert team of home security installers will cater your system to your needs.

Finally, we also offer a range of home alarm systems from HIKVISION, MAXX One, Pyronix, Texecom and AJAX. We at Key Access Locksmiths stock these brands due to our appreciation for the product and believe that these are the best on the market. We install a variety of products, often as packages, so please get in touch to discuss the best solution for you.

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Competitive Pricing

When we price up a CCTV install job we ensure that we are as competitive and fair as possible. Quite often we are the cheapest in the area, speak to us today for a security review. We also offer a finance option for this service to both our commercial and residential customers. Our commercial option is provided by Bluestone and offers a 100% tax deductible fixed cost payment plan. The residential option is provided by Payl8tr with 0% interest in the first 30 days. For more information click here

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To make a booking with one of our CCTV installers so that you get the best security advice, you can call us on the number below or send us an email using our online booking form:

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Police & Insurance Approved

We know for some customers security is paramount and so we stock and can source a wide range of high security British standard locks and hardware

Fast Response

In emergencies  we aim to get to you within 45 minutes of your call.

Quality Assured

All our engineers are Corgi and City & Guilds accredited and we have a public liability upwards of £1 million. With an average rating of 10/10 on Check-a-trade you know you’re in safe hands!

Competitive Price

All of our prices are competitive and quite often the cheapest in the area for the same service, speak to us today for a security review.


All of our highly experienced expert Locksmiths are based in the greater Manchester area!  As local locksmiths we pride ourselves on making the community safer with our fast and reliable service.

Finance Available

We are happy to offer an affordable finance option to customers on select services, so no one has to feel unsafe! This comes in two forms commercial and residential. For more information click here

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