Home Security with Ring Video Doorbells

Here at Key Access Locksmiths & Security, we install the entire range of Ring video doorbells which are a great addition to your home security. Choose from the range here: www.en-uk.ring.com or call us for more information.

See who is at your door 24/7

With the range of Ring video doorbells, you can answer the door even when you are not home via your phone. This gives you the added benefit of being able to tell delivery drivers where to leave the parcel but also as a security system it can record unexpected visitors. Great for capturing anyone who is trespassing on your land or acting suspiciously.

Satisfied Customers Every Time

Every Ring Doorbell we install is done by an expert engineer. This means that it has been installed properly which means it will do the job it was bought for. We make sure every customer is satisfied with our service and fully understand how the doorbell works before we leave. Give us a call today to discuss your installation or to buy direct from us.

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Ring is a well-known brand that has been making doorbell cameras for years and now they have diversified to other security products. Are you in need of security for the rest of your house? In 2018, the company produced a full security system that offers people more security beyond the doorbell. You’ll be pleased to learn that their products are ultra-affordable and the equipment is easy-to-use. Read through this blog post to understand what the company has to offer in terms of security.

Ring security tech and equipment

All their security products have a standard tech of a simple white cover and a signature blue LED light. The LED light on the sensors illuminates whenever the system is armed or when motion is detected. The company’s equipment has minimalist look and you’ll probably recognize their popular door bell from anywhere. The chime feature on the window/door sensor is very comforting to hear.

Initially, the company offered a package in three sizes that came with a basic base, range extender, keypad, and different sensors. However, now they have a wide selection of security options especially since the introduction of their Pro series of security systems. Among the Pro Series we have:

• Video Doorbell Wired
• Video Doorbell 2nd-gen
• Video Doorbell 3
• Video Doorbell Pro
• Video Doorbell Pro 2
• Video Doorbell Elite

Although each product comes with its unique features, they all have a TrueMesh Eero Wi-Fi6 router and backup internet that keeps your security system working even when your internet has been disconnected. What’s more, the systems have local storage for your security camera. Some of the products even come with an Alexa device, a security camera, and a video door bell.

The Alarm Box

The company offers a variety of security products including 5-piece, 10-piece, and 14-piece kits. All these kits have different features, but all of them come with extra features such as a panic button. Something likable about this company’s products is that you can mix and match the sensors from different generations, by adding security camera sets, security lighting, and doorbells. By doing so, you’ll be building a well-rounded home security system.

Video Door Bells and Security Cameras

There is a wide range of door bell cameras and security cameras that can protect your home. The cameras work well with the company’s alarm systems and you can control all the devices using the mobile app that will be reviewed later in this post. Even if you already use their door bell, an alarm system that incorporates cameras would be a great addition. It’s much simple to keep and monitor everything on one platform.

What’s New? Jobsite Security

Just recently, the company announced that they’ll be partnering with Home Depot to release a security system that’s specifically meant for construction and job sites. The product is still in the pre-order stage and there aren’t reviews of the Jobsite Security3 package, but the company never disappoints. But from the company’s description basically, it’s a spinoff of the Alarm Pro that has a powerful eero Wi-Fi 6 router.

The Jobsite security system was created with an aim of solving two problems: underperformance and theft of materials, tools, lumber, and other things from job sites. Once it’s set up using the Protect Pro subscription, the security system can monitor the worksite 24/7 even when your internet is disconnected. It’ll provide cellular connectivity to ensure the system’s components such as security lighting and cameras run day and night.

Cost and Mobile App

Each security product comes with its own price, but generally, their products are very affordable. For add-on components, you have to pay some extra cash. For example, for extra window or door sensors, you’ll part with £14.75 each, a motion sensor will cost £22.20 and an extra range extender goes for £18.50. Other additional devices include a flood/freeze detector, a first alert smoke/CO detector, and a panic button.

The good news about the company’s security system is that you can monitor everything on a web or mobile app. You also have the option of subscribing to the Protect Plus monitoring plan that costs £8 a month and £80 a year. With that plan, you’ll get professional monitoring round the clock, including the fire department and police dispatch. You’ll also be getting push emails and cloud recording for all the cameras.

There’s also the basic monitoring service that goes for £2.50 monthly for 24/7 monitoring. However, you’ll have to pay an extra £8.00 per month if you want to control the security system from your mobile device. To download, record, or share a video you’ll have to pay another £6.00 per camera.

The mobile app has a user-friendly dashboard that shows live preview windows for all installed cameras and doorbells. At the top of the dashboard, you’ll find the Alarm controls such as Away, Home, and Disarmed buttons. Just below that, are the buttons showing the status of all installed sensors. Below that, you’ll find the tabs for viewing event history and neighborhood posts.

The system comes with a Neighborhood feature that lets you share recorded video with your neighbors who are on Neighbourhood. Whenever a neighbor shares a video, you’ll receive an alert of when there’s police activity or fire. On clicking the events tab, you’ll be able to view a list of all the alarm and camera events such as arming, disarming times, sensor activity, and motion detection. With such great features, you can rest assured that your home is well protected.

Why Choose Ring’s Security?

If there’s a security company that’s worth investing your money in, it’s Ring. Amazon is the parent company and the brand has grown from selling only doorbells to producing chock-full security cameras, security lighting, and alarm security systems. If you go through customer reviews of all their products including the latest Pro series you’ll only see positive feedback.
Are Ring’s Products Right for You?

The security system is perfect for your home if you’d like professional monitoring at a low price. Their system has fairly-priced security cameras that will ensure your home is protected 24/7. The system provides video with clear 1080p resolution and cloud storage. Other benefits of using the company’s security products would be:

• Low-priced extra equipment
• Inexpensive monthly monitoring
• The system is easy to install


The security system does an excellent job for basic home protection at a standard price. As you invest in the products expect high-tech features for monitoring your home. The systems integrate with smart locks, Amazon Alexa, and Z-Wave compatible devices. The alarm system is perfect for intruder protection and anyone can have it installed. That being said, their lineup of cameras and door bell video cameras are some of the best security devices in the industry. I would definitely recommend you look into these cam products for outdoor security. As for the alarm systems, you’ll get the service you need, at no extra cost.

You can have their products delivered to you in Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport, or any other city. Place your order online and you will have the security product of your choice delivered to your doorstep. All the best securing your home!