Why Upgrade your locks?

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why upgrade your locks

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Which Lock To Choose? We recommend ERA Fortress Locks

If you have been thinking about upgrading the locks in your home then our recommendation is to go for ERA Fortress locks, here’s why…


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1. TS007 3 star rating

Our ERA Fortress locks are all 3 star rated to standard TS007 which means they are the highest star rated security cylinder you can buy. This standard of lock protects against all types of lock break in attempts and was developed by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) so you know its well researched and designed.

2. Anti Snap Locks

The ERA Fortress locks have anti snap technology built into each lock. How this works is that unlike lower rated locks that will snap clean in half and allow a burglar to then pull the cylinder out and open the door. This anti snap technology has various snap off lines so if a thief attempts to snap the lock they will only snap part of the lock but not be able to snap the entire lock. This means that the thief cannot gain entry in the way they would by trying to snap the lock.

3. The British Standard Kitemark

In addition to the 3 star rating the ERA Fortress Locks are all British Standard Kitemark approved. Locks to this standard are often enough to deter a thief but along with the 3 start rating these locks are the answer to upgrading to a more secure cylinder.

Book Your Lock Upgrade With Us Today

We offer a fast end affordable lock upgrade service to clients throughout the Manchester and Cheshire areas. We can usually come to your job within 45 minutes of you making a call to us.


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